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Genre: Drama / Crime

Language: Mandarin with English Subtitle

Release date: 2023.12.30 ( Australia, New Zealand)

Runtime: 125 mins

Director: Felix CHONG

Starring: Tony LEUNG,Andy LAU,Charlene CHOI


In 1970s Hong Kong, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) was formed to bring down the corruption syndicate led by British government officials. One of its top investigators is Senior Investigator Lau Kai-Yuen, who brought down countless corrupted officials. Just as he thought stability and prosperity are within reach, a new era of greed and riches takes him into a new battlefield of corruption.

In the 1980’s, the stock market boomed. However, things took a turn for the worse when Carmen Century Group, a giant multi-national corporation worth over HK$17 billion, suddenly goes bankrupt, rendering all of its stocks worthless and destroying the lives of its stockholders.

The group was founded by Ching Yat-Yin, who fled to Hong Kong a decade prior to escape the murderous wrath of loan sharks. Ching earned his entrance into the upper class after striking his first pot of gold in the bourgeoning real estate market. Starting with a small pest control company, Ching was able to expand his company into a multi-billion empire run by top elite talents in society in just a matter of a few years.

However, the stock market crash exposed the company’s true nature as an elaborate scam. During Lau’s efforts to uncover the failed company’s criminal wrongdoings, those who hold the key to unlocking the conspiracy end up dying under suspicious circumstances. Even when Lau manages to bring Ching to face justice in court, it turns out that the presiding judge has been bought off. Little does Lau know that this is just the beginning of a HK$200 million investigation that will mobilize over a hundred investigators, involve countless lives and entangle him for years to come.


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The film is based on a real historical event.