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Director: ZHANG Luan 张栾 (Song of Youth – 2019)

Logline: A men travels back in time accidentally to witness the love story of his mother and father

Chinese Mainland Release: September 23th, 2022

Genre: Drama/Comedy/Fantasy

Release Territory:

CHANG Yuan 常远 – “Warm Hug (2020)”, “Hello Mr. Billionaire (2018)”, “Never Say Die (2017)”, “Some Like It Hot (2016)”, “Goodbye Mr. Loser (2015)”
MA Li 马丽 – “My People, My Homeland (2020)”, “Kill Mobile (2018)”, “Never Say Die
(2017)”, “Goodbye Mr. Loser (2015)”
WEI Xiang 魏翔 – “Hi Mom (2021)”, “My People, My Homeland (2020)”, “Pegasus (2019)”
JIA Bing 贾冰 – “Lost in Russia (2020)”


Xiao Wu lives an unsuccessful life with his father, who is struggled with Alzheimer’s disease with only inconsistent memories of her wife left in mind. To help arouse his father’s memories, Xiao Wu returns to his father’s old house to look for clues of his mother. When he picks up an aged notebook and a roughly made ring, something extraordinary happens to him…