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The Ex-File 4: Marriage Plan

The immensely popular EX-FILE franchise now comes to its fourth sequel in which we see buddies Meng Yun and Yu Fei are coming to an age to settle down.
Faced with pressure from families, Meng Yun, who is still dealing with the “aftermath of a breakup,” begins to search for true love with the question “Why get married?” lingering on his mind. On the other hand, in order to get ready for married life, Yu Fei and his girlfriend Ding Dian create a marriage cooling-off period to experience the trouble they may encounter after marriage. The ups and downs of marriage indeed become challenging for their relationship.
One is getting lost on the path to find true love, while the other has to deal with new drama after a taste of “the married life”. The two brothers are now confronted with new emotional dilemmas…


Chen Shuo, a street performer, encounters his best coach, Ding Lei, and joins the street dance club Exclamation Point. The dancers in the club come from diverse backgrounds, leading to unique connections and joyful moments shared with Chen Shuo. As Chen Shuo assimilates into the group, Exclamation Point faces the imminent threat of disbandment, while Chen Shuo endures successive hardships. Ultimately, facing numerous challenges, they are about to embark on a journey of pursuing their dreams against all odds.

Journey To The West

Zhijun Tang is the editor-in-chief of Space Exploration magazine, a science fiction magazine born in the 1980s. With the decline of the magazine industry, he becomes a down-and-out person. But he is still obsessed with finding an alien civilization. Finally, he received an abnormal signal that seemed to come from the depths of the universe. So, he gathered his friends and embarked on a journey to find aliens with the question that puzzled him all his life.

Yesterday Once More

True love will eventually meet, and lovers will eventually be together. Our love countdown begins now. Yuxuan Gu and Shuyan Han meet by chance and form a bond in their childhood, but unfortunately miss each other. The two meet again when they grow up, destined to fall in love, and after experiencing the happiness and sweetness of love, they must face the tests of fate together. As the gears of time start to turn, can they create miracles with their love that travels in both directions?


It tells the story of three good besties, Liu Jing (Li Chun), Fang Xin (Zhang Hanyun), and Xia Meng (Naomi Wang). Faced with significant life choices and different social stereotypes, they all experience hardships in business, oppression at the workplace and setbacks in their romantic relationships. They encourage and support each other, gradually realize what they want and find their true selves during the journey.


This is the story of a puppy that touches countless people around the world.Batong is an adorable Chinese Rural Dog. He meets his destined owner, Jingxiu Chen, in a sea of people, and becomes a member of the Chen family. As time goes by, the once wonderful home is no longer there, but Batong remains in place and keeps waiting. His fate ties to that of his family. This film is adapted from the original screenplay by Kaneto Shindo “Hachiko Monogatari”.

Hidden Blade

Wu Renyao, a young motorcyclist performing stunts on a dock, with his clumsy father, Wu Renteng, who’s barely visited him over the years; Zhou Huansong, a restaurant waitress dreaming of living in a big city, with her dramatic but earnest brother, Zhou Huange… Such are some of the characters caught up in the nexus of fate. Both wanting to become the opposite of their closest family member, Yao and Huansong try to support each other while remaing independent, but miscommunications haunt their relationship. Driven by the changes in their lives, Yao and Huansong leaves their hometown to tour the big big world on a journey of unpredictability, filled with love and departures, amusement and sadness.