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Yesterday Once More

True love will eventually meet, and lovers will eventually be together. Our love countdown begins now. Yuxuan Gu and Shuyan Han meet by chance and form a bond in their childhood, but unfortunately miss each other. The two meet again when they grow up, destined to fall in love, and after experiencing the happiness and sweetness of love, they must face the tests of fate together. As the gears of time start to turn, can they create miracles with their love that travels in both directions?

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  • Daughter of Shanghai
  • Three Old Boys


It tells the story of three good besties, Liu Jing (Li Chun), Fang Xin (Zhang Hanyun), and Xia Meng (Naomi Wang). Faced with significant life choices and different social stereotypes, they all experience hardships in business, oppression at the workplace and setbacks in their romantic relationships. They encourage and support each other, gradually realize what they want and find their true selves during the journey.